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Monday, 30 May 2011

Do you know 3

Do you know?
The DIPA (ICAR) has decided to make Indian Journal of Animal Science on-line from the month of January 2010. Therefore it will be mandatory to submit the manuscript through e-mail to the editor of IJAS ( Original ‘Article Certificate’ along with hard copy is to be submitted to the Editor’s office.
Test your Knowledge?
  1. When was the Indian Veterinary Journal (one of the oldest journal in India) established?
a)    1924
b)    1915
c)     1930
d)    1943

  1. High wire Press; an important search engine has been developed and maintained by which university?
a)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
b)    Cambridge University
c)     Stanford University
d)    University of California

  1. Where is Copenhagen, the venue for climate change summit concluded recently (COP 15)?
a)    Norway
b)    Sweden
c)     Denmark
d)    Switzerland

  1. Who used the term "greenhouse effect” to explain how carbon dioxide traps heat in the Earth's atmosphere?
a)      Svante Arrhenius
c)      William Gaud

  1.  Which among the following is not a green house gas?
a)      Nitrous oxide
b)      Ammonia
c)      Water vapour
d)      Ozone
  1. a, 2. c, 3. c , 4. a, 5. b

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  1. In todays world, everyone is in hurry and has no time for others....... Still continuing GIGYASA (on own's shoulder)at this odd time, itself shows the devotion and dedication for the science....

    Ranjan, no doubt you are doing a great job...
    May god give you courage and power for this...