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Monday, 30 May 2011

Do u know 5

Do you know?

Canadian Journal of Animal Science is now giving access to its full text articles online up to 2003 and also abstracts of recent issue at its website.

Test your Knowledge:
1. What’s the abbreviation AOAC stands for?
a)    Association of Analytical Communities
b)    Association of Official Agricultural Chemists
c)     Association of Official Analytical Chemists
d)    Association of Official Analytical Chemistry
2. Which journal was formed by the merger of three journals i.e. ‘Animal Research’; ‘Animal Science’ and ‘Reproduction, Nutrition and Development’ in 2007?
a)    Animal Science
b)    Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
c)     Animal
d)    Archives of Animal Nutrition
3. What percentage of Americans is living in poverty?
a)    11.3
b)    5.7
c)     10.9
d)    15.8
4. Who won the first World Food Prize?
a)    M. S. Swaminathan
b)    Varghese Kurien
c)     Norman E. Borlaug
d)    A.I. Virtanen
5. Who won the Noble Prize in chemistry for his research and inventions in agricultural and nutritional chemistry in 1945?
a)    Norman E. Borlaug
b)    A.I. Virtanen
c)     A.V. Lavoisier
d)    F.B. Morrison
(1- a, AOAC was renamed as Association of Analytical Communities in 1991-92; 2- c; 3-d; 4- a, in 1987; 5- b )

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